About Us
Our Background

Holong Wood Industries Sdn Bhd is the Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia, Johor. We specialised in solid wooden beds and wooden bedroom furniture. Our management is under the leadership of graduates from National Pingtung University of Science & Technology (Taiwan), and supported with teams of experience staff & labor.

ΊΟΒ‘ is the name derived from a very auspicious Chinese culture, with the fundamental metaphor that successful business comes from coordination through all stakeholders. From the very back end suppliers’ support to the very frontline buyers’ partnership, we believe that by uniting the best skill of each individual is the key winning factor to achieve greater synergy effect in this industry.

Holong has been making quality solid wood bedroom furniture and enduring its value since 1996. Our proud legacy on handling natural wood know-how, quality and dependability places us among solid wood manufacturers of fine furniture. Our products include bed frame, bed with storage, captain bed, double decker / bunk bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, dresser, and smaller range in living like coffee table, console table, TV console and bookshelves. 
We continue growing through our commitment, integration of skill sets, and constant advancement on technology for our quality and sustainability.


Our Team

Lead by master of wood professionals from NPUST, our factory is supported with team International Marketing, Business Development, Product Development, Production and Administration. Speciality group like paint specialist, structural expert, product designer and packing genius are working side-by-side to auxiliary the whole process.

Our Work

Specialise in bedroom furniture, we are very particular in structural stability and durability. This is also our core strength in keeping our furniture safe to the user. Every master piece was done through a set of process to ensure all aspects of structure are carefully examined and passed with standards.

More in-house design models are available upon request via the email below; while buyers are welcome to inquire your design through your submission of the form.

Product submission email: inquiry@holongfurniture.com

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